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The site petrovskov.ru, hereinafter referred to as "website or site", uses cookies so that you, as a visitor of the site, can receive the necessary information, purchase the necessary goods as quickly and conveniently as possible.

- What is a cookie?
- How long are cookies stored?
- How is an advertisement creating on the site?
- How do I set up cookies?

What is a cookie?

Cookie is an online technology that allows the website to distinguish one site visitor from another.

Thanks to this technology, various functions of the site can work:
- adaptation of site design, site file size, font size, images, video to the parameters of the device on which the program is installed to view the site on the Internet,
- website search,
- shopping,
- sending email messages,
- selection of language settings,
- display of interesting and useful advertising,
- setting up of site display speed,
- sending suggestions for improving the site.

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded automatically or after your consent to your computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone, having used which you can view the site online.

The following types of cookies are used on this site, depending on their purpose:

1. Functional cookies are necessary for the normal operation of the site: browsing the site, searching the site, making purchases, sending messages with the help of the feedback form. This allows you to visit the pages of the site.

2. Information cookies are needed to determine the parameters, how and where the site is viewed. This allows the website to remember the actions of the visitor of the site, the number of pages viewed. The analysis of this information is used to determine how to optimize and improve the site.

3. Identification cookies are needed to identify visitors who constantly use the site. This allows you to increase the speed of displaying information on the site for these visitors.

4. Advertising cookies are required to display interesting, useful advertisements that meets your needs.

How long are cookies stored?

Cookies are created when the site is first downloaded for viewing.

There are different types of cookies depending on the time of their action:

1. One-session files are deleted after leaving the site pages and closing the browser.

2. Multifunctional cookies are not deleted after leaving the Internet. They are needed to remember the parameters of the visitor: which pages were viewed, which goods were purchased, what messages were sent, and what actions were performed. They allow to increase efficiency and productivity of our site.

There are different types of cookies depending on the source of the technology:

1. Own files are created by the site.

2. Files of other companies, third parties are created by the partners of the site. We use Google Analytics (https://www.google.com/), hereinafter referred to as "Google", to create visitor traffic statistics for various parameters - the number of visitors, the operating system, the browser version.

How is an advertisement creating on the site?

We use the technology of displaying online advertising with Google.

The advertisement is shown on the site taking into account your interests if you are viewing certain pages of the site.

How do I set up cookies?

You can allow the use of cookies in your browser settings.

If you select to block cookies, the site may not provide the information you need.