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Math solutions for geometry problems of grade 9

You will learn lessons for the topics as follows:
- vector adding and subtraction,
- magnitude of a vector from x and y components,
- position vector of a point,
- basics maths on a coordinate plane,
- coordinates of the midpoint of a line segment,
- distance between two points,
- quadrilaterals on the Cartesian coordinate grid,
- line equation,
- equation of a circle,
- practice tests and problem solving for trigonometry,
- triangle solution,
- angle between vectors and scalar product of vectors,
- regular polygon,
- circumference, area of circle and circular sector,
- plane and motion,
- parallel transfer, plane rotation, similar triangles.
In this English version of the worksheets you can find the practice test questions, answers and explanations of solutions in the field of geometry for grade 9.