Math Solutions for Geometry Problems of Grade 9

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Problems in the Cartesian coordinate plane

Solved tests for the trigonometry

Solving Triangles

Scalar Product of Vectors

Regular Polygon

Circumference, area of the circle and the circular sector

Geometric mapping of plane, and the motion

Parallel transfer, rotation of the plane, and similar triangles

About the textbook

Author: A.V.Petrov

Title: Geometry Problems with Answers for the 9th Grade

Format: Russian edition, A5, 145mm x 210mm, cover and binding – cardboard, volume – 168 pages with drawings

Publisher: Petrovskov

Year: 2014

ISBN: 9785600004443

Description: This tutorial workbook is addressed to those who want to learn independently, step-by-step the math lessons, answers and solutions of the most common geometry practice tests for grade 9 of the middle education school.